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Claudia Galván

Claudia Galván is a strategic and technical leader who has led global product development at Oracle, Adobe and Microsoft reaching billions of people around the world where she has built global products from the ground-up. In the last few years, she has focused on helping startups in Silicon Valley launch exponential technology products.


Bharath Mundlapudi

Bharath Mundlapudi is a serial entrepreneur. He has created software startups in Big Data and AI/ML space from scratch and built a business around it. He is a thought leader in Big Data and AI/ML. He was part of the initial 20 people team at Yahoo! that built Hadoop. Prior to entrepreneurship, he was part of reputed valley companies like Netflix, Yahoo! and Sun Microsystems. He is an advisor for CXOs from Fortune 500 companies. Also, He has numerous patents on his name. He has deep passion to coach, guide, and mentor young entrepreneurs.

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Suhani Singh


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Aaryaman Singh



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Tara Pillai

Public Relations

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Suranjana Sooraj


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Sejal Kanikaram

Curriculum Manager


Meghana Vinjamury

Curriculum Manager

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Svasti Kandpal

Head of Communications