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Why CodeUnited Global?

"It was the summer of 2019. We were visiting our native place, a beautiful village, in India, along with our parents. My younger brother and I were talking to many kids in our neighborhood and later we met many kids in the village. My brother and I feel very lucky to have grown up in the US, but visiting our own village gave us a big realization that there are kids in the same world who are not as privileged as us and in fact, do not even have access to basic things, which we take for granted. We met high school girls who knew for sure that they would not go to college but will get married, as that still happens with girls in these regions. We came across many real-life stories and those bothered us. That night we were talking to our grandmother about it and she shared her own story. Our grandmother came from a well-off family and she was a bright student too, as she had got a scholarship from the District, but she had to discontinue her education and get married at the age of 16. Not only did our grandmothers encourage us to use the opportunities and build our career and life, but they also encouraged us to always think of those who are behind and have fewer resources to us and do whatever we could do to make some impact in their lives. Our grandmother said that helping others would make me happier inside me. We find deep meaning in that.


That India-trip gave us a purpose - to do something, for girls, who lack basic things in life. Though the experience was overwhelming, we just wanted to start with something very basic. We came back to the USA but we kept in touch with those girls. We contacted a private institute in the village and made arrangements for few girls to come to that institute and both my brother and I started teaching them online. Since then, there is no looking back. So for the past year, we have been teaching girls at that institute in our village. We chose to teach computer science and other related skills because we strongly feel that Computer science is a very important skill to have in the current world, as it would be creating millions of jobs in every industry. We hope that CodingUnited Global can get girls out of villages or out of low-income areas and give them the resources and skills set to have new opportunities for their future in this growing field of Computer Science. We plan to and keep scaling CodeUnited Global our entire life. It is something we are very dedicated to and passionate about as its vision and purpose are so close to our hearts. We want to keep reaching girls across the world in the hope to change their lives for the better."

- Suhani Singh, Founder with Aaryaman Singh, Co-Founder

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